Flint Crepe Company

Tuesday Tips For Charity

About: We believe that giving is a part of a healthy organization. Towards that end, we match the tips given every Tuesday and donate the money to a local organization. We also donate gift cards to certain groups, events, or needs as a way to raise support.

Interested in being featured on an upcoming Tuesday? Please fill out the form below or send us an email with the questions/answers, or print out the questions/answers below and turn them in at the register.

How it works: A date is scheduled through correspondence with flintcrepe@gmail.com, we promote the event with a post on Facebook and a print-out at our register that day, you promote the event otherwise.

To pick up your check: 1) Come to the Crepe Co. one week after the event 2) tell the person behind the counter the date their Tuesday Tips was held AND name of organization 3) walk out with your check.

Support Request Form
Organizations that are visible in our shop the day of and promote around town always do better with the amount raised. In the past we’ve had organizations bring in displays, workers/volunteers to hand out materials, special art displays, live music (indoor/outdoor), animals, banners, etc. There are probably fewer limitations on what you can do than you would think. Be creative and don’t be afraid to ask if you have a fun or unusual idea.