Flint Roasted Coffee, Fair Trade Loose Leaf Teas


Our Direct Trade Coffee is sourced from a farm run by friends of ours in Costa Rica. The beans are honey-processed and roasted just down the street right here in Flint, ensuring freshness and quality you can taste. We use MooVille Dairy (Nashville, MI) and Calders Dairy (Lincoln Park, MI) for all milk drinks.

All of our syrups and flavorings are crafted in-house and made from scratch using whole spices from Mountain Rose Herbs, evaporated cane juice, and pure vanilla extract.

Classic Drinks

drip coffee    2    2.50
espresso    2.50
latte    3.75    4.25
lavender rosemary latte    4.75    5.25
mocha    4.60    5.10
chai latte    4.00    4.50
hot cocoa    3    3.75
french press (serves 2-3)   5.50
bottled drinks from $2, price varies

– substitute almond milk .65
– add shot .75
– add homemade syrups: vanilla, caramel, cacao .85

Specialty Drinks

draft cold brew    3.75
frozen latte (all flavors)    5.50
milkshake    5.50
root beer float    4.75
affogato (espresso on ice cream)   3.75
cream line milk    2.00    2.50
chocolate milk    2.50    3.00
orange juice    2.95    3.45
northwoods draft sodas    3.00
kombucha    4.75
hot tea    2.50
iced tea    3.00
tea: black, earl grey, green, blueberry, peppermint, tangerine ginger

SEASONAL: berry basil soda   3.25

Roasting our coffee
Visiting the Cafe Rivense farm in Costa Rica