Flint Crepe Company

In Shop Pick-up

***NOTE: Crepes are best when enjoyed as close as possible to the moment of preparation. While reheating can work well for some menu items, it is a very case by case basis and should be taken into consideration when picking up for large groups.

On weekdays, we can often do orders of up to 20 crepes for pick up if a call or email (flintcrepe@gmail.com) to check for availability is given at least a day beforehand. Orders larger than 20 crepes need to be requested at least two days in advance as availability can vary. Unfortunately, we are not able to do weekend large orders as our shop usually is running at full capacity these days.

Flint Crepe Company Catering

***NOTE: We are not offering off-site catering services at this time.

Our crepe chefs come to you! We have electric crepe plates that can be set up almost anywhere so you can bring the fresh-made crepe experience to where you are! The price is $12/hr for each crepe chef (the number of chefs needed depends on the speed of service the event needs), a $10 minimum mileage fee (plus drive time), a $40 equipment fee, and then food costs based on only what is actually ordered by guests at the event. We can make most crepes featured in our restaurant as well as smaller mini-crepe and appetizer sizes.

Private Party


Available most weekday evenings as we close Mon-Thurs at 4pm. Our shop has seats for 45 people and we can seat roughly 20 out on our patio as well. We offer use of the Flint Crepe Company for crepe parties at available times for $50/hr and this includes one crepe chef.

Questions? Contact us at Flintcrepe@gmail.com