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Tuesday Tips for Charity: A Decade of Giving at Flint Crepe Company

In this post, we’re excited to share more about our Tuesday Tips for Charity program that turns everyday dining into an act of giving. Launched when our shop was just budding, this initiative has grown into a weekly celebration of community awareness and support.

The Birth of Tuesday Tips for Charity

The crepe shop was not even three months old when, at an all-staff meeting, a team member suggested the idea of giving our tips to a worthy cause once a week. It was a great and noble idea, but in order to make sure it was fair and stayed fair to the staff, we decided that the tip amount for the day would merely determine the amount that the restaurant donated to the cause—the staff wouldn’t lose part of their pay for the day. And as such, Tuesday Tips for Charity was born.

Building Relationships

Featuring a different organization every week for the last 12 years has given us the chance to meet lots of great people doing lots of great work. Having it as a regular calendar event has forced us to continue to keep our ears out for new grassroots causes to support as well as to make long-term relationships with staple community nonprofits.

Dynamic Community Interaction

And while it’s tamed down a bit over the years, Tuesday Tips used to invite the featured organizations to take their creativity to the limit in how they made their presence known during their day at our shop. So you can imagine that we’ve seen some interesting things as a result. We’ve hosted pets up for adoption, live music in and outside of the building, flash mobs, tap dancing, and poetry reading, and everything in between. Part of the fun of the whole endeavor is seeing how people who are passionate about a cause express themselves and seek support. Kudos to our various Tuesday staff members throughout the years who learned to expect the unexpected!

How It Works

  1. Scheduling the Feature: Charities interested in being featured should contact us at flintcrepe@gmail.com or fill out the form below. Together, we pick a date to spotlight their cause.
  2. Promoting the Event: Promotion is key to maximizing impact. Flint Crepe showcases the charity with:
    • Social Media Exposure: We leverage our popular Facebook page to highlight the featured charity, sharing their story and mission broadly. We also highly encourage the featured charity to promote the event through their channels as well, maximizing the outreach.
    • In-Store Visibility: We keep customers informed of the organization featured on a given Tuesday. Many regulars look forward to see who’s up next!
    • Financial Support: The amount of cash and credit card tips are counted for the day and this number sets the amount that the restaurant donates to the charity, directly supporting their ongoing projects and initiatives.
  3. Fund Distribution: About a month later, funds are donated online or by a check that can be picked up.

These efforts combine to not only provide financial aid but also significantly boost the visibility of each charity. Participating in Tuesday Tips allows charities to showcase their work and connect with a broader audience, amplifying their impact within the community.

Commitment through challenges

It’s not always been easy. In lean times, it can feel like an act of trust to write donation checks while still trying to pay the bills. But fortunately, deep at the core of our shop’s DNA, we hold the belief that generosity is a thing you pursue no matter the ups and downs of life. It’s a way of life. And thankfully, we’re happy to say that this belief has been tried and held to be true.


Tuesday Tips for Charity reflects our ongoing commitment to the community, showcasing the impacts of consistent giving. Each Tuesday has been a new opportunity to aid a worthy cause and foster connections that reach far beyond our creperie doors. If you represent a nonprofit or community group and would like to be featured on an upcoming Tuesday, we invite you to connect with us. Reach out to us at flintcrepe@gmail.com, fill out the form below, or visit us to discuss potential opportunities.

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Support request form

Organizations that are visible in our shop the day of and promote around town always do better with the amount raised. In the past we’ve had organizations bring in displays, workers/volunteers to hand out materials, special art displays, live music (indoor/outdoor), animals, banners, etc. There are probably fewer limitations on what you can do than you would think. Be creative and don’t be afraid to ask if you have a fun or unusual idea.