Flint Crepe Company

Flint Crepe Company: The Story Behind Our Coffee

From Costa Rica to Flint: The Source of Our Coffee

At Flint Crepe Company, our coffee story begins in the lush landscapes of Costa Rica with the Ureña family at Cafe Rivense del Chirripo. This direct connection is the foundation of our coffee journey. Regular visits to their farm allow us to be intimately involved in the selection process, ensuring we bring only the best beans to Flint. The Ureña family, with their rich heritage spanning three generations in coffee farming and achievements like high rankings in the Cup of Excellence in 2019, are more than just our suppliers; they’re our partners in crafting exceptional coffee experiences. This relationship is essential in maintaining the high standard of quality and authenticity that defines every cup we serve.

The Honey Process: Crafting Uniquely Flavored Coffee

During these visits, we delve into the intricacies of the Honey Process – a unique method of coffee production that the Ureña family has perfected. This process involves a careful balance of leaving just the right amount of fruity mucilage on the beans while they dry. It’s a time-intensive method that results in a coffee with a smoother, sweeter profile, enriched with fruity notes and a syrupy body. This meticulous process reflects our commitment to offering a unique coffee experience to our patrons.

Direct-Trade: A Partnership Rooted in Respect and Quality

Our relationship with the Ureña family is the foundation of our coffee philosophy. It transcends the traditional supplier-buyer dynamic, embodying mutual learning, respect, and direct involvement in the selection process. This approach not only guarantees the quality of our coffee but also fortifies the bonds between producer and buyer, ensuring a product that’s as ethical as it is delicious.

Our Coffee: From Farm to Cup with Care and Integrity

The journey of our coffee, grown with care by Regulo Ureña and his family, doesn’t end at the farm. We take the baton by roasting these beans ourselves, a process that allows us to maintain the integrity and flavor of the coffee. This hands-on approach ensures that each cup we serve at Flint Crepe Company is not just a beverage but a culmination of a journey marked by passion and commitment.

Join Us for an Authentic Coffee Experience

We invite you to the Flint Crepe Company to experience this unique blend of flavors and stories. Located at 555 South Saginaw St Suite 101 in Flint, MI, our shop is a testament to this beautiful direct-trade collaboration. Reach out to us at (810) 336-3308 or flintcrepe@gmail.com for any inquiries.