Tuesday Tips for Charity

Tuesday Tips for Charity
“Give to all who ask…”

From the start, the Flint Crepe Company has believed that giving is a part of being a healthy business. For that reason, we make sure that we are generous to the community that we are a part of. Generally, we do this two ways:

  • “Tuesday Tips for Charity:” Our customers spoke and we listened. We have switched back to our “Tuesday Tips” model of weekly community philanthropy/engagement from 2016’s “Giving Tuesdays” setup. This gives you as the customer even more say in how much you support our weekly featured community organizations. This original “Tuesday Tips” model takes whatever tips are given that day and uses that NUMBER to decide the amount that the restaurant donates to the featured organization (and don’t worry, we workers still get our tips!). This way, if you love the organization we’re supporting on a particular day, there’s no limit as to how much you can give to them!
  • Gift card donations: If you have a group, event, or need that you think would benefit from using a gift card from the Crepe Co. as a way to raise support, please send us an email or fill out the questions below and turn them in at the register.

Thanks! Your neighbors at the Flint Crepe Company

***Please copy the form below and send it with answers to flintcrepe@gmail.com***

Support Request Form

Contact Name:

Contact Email/Phone:

What are you applying for (circle one)? Donation, Tuesday Tips, Other ___

Organization Name (check will be made out to this organization):

Your connection to the organization:

Description of need:

If you are applying for a GIFT CARD- Please provide a mailing address:

If you are applying for Tuesday Tips: What will you do? Organizations that are visible in our shop the day of and promote around town always do better with the amount raised. In the past we’ve had organizations bring in displays, workers/volunteers to hand out materials, special art displays, live music (indoor/outdoor), animals, banners, etc. There are probably fewer limitations on what you can do than you would think. Be creative and don’t be afraid to ask if you have a fun or unusual idea. What do you plan on doing in shop to promote the event?

Preference of scheduling (When would you like to be featured?):

How it works:

A date is scheduled through correspondence with flintcrepe@gmail.com, we promote the event with a post on Facebook and a print-out at our register that day, you promote the event otherwise.

To pick up your check: 1) come to the Crepe Co. one week after the event 2) tell the person behind the counter the date their Tuesday Tips was held AND name of organization. 3) walk out with your check.