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Our history…

The Flint Crepe Company has been serving crepes and coffee to the Flint community since 2008. We started with a mobile crepe cart that showed up regularly at the Flint Farmer’s Market and traveled around town. In late Fall of 2011, we opened our current storefront on S. Saginaw St. We specialize in delicious and interesting crepes and in providing a traditional Italian-style coffee menu.

What’s a crepe?

The easiest way to describe a crepe is as a thin large pancake… only without the sugar. Anything can go on a crepe… just like a tortilla. You can fill it with things like fresh fruit, sauces, chocolate, or savory toppings you’d in a meal such as cheese, potatoes, meats, or vegetables. So, it’s neither a pancake or tortilla… it’s, well… a crepe!

Our recipes will…

  • be made from scratch.
  • be driven by the food that is currently available based on our region and season.
  • be sourced from growers and producers that operate their businesses ethically and responsibly.
  • offer something for everyone (ask us*).

Ways that we attempt to act responsibly with our current and future economic, social, and environmental resources:

our menu and food systems are entirely designed around the availability of ingredients in season in our region, ethically sourced coffee and tea, Give preference to ingredients from producers who are ethical, local, organic, biological, or all of the above, biodegradable hand/dish/floor soaps and cleaners, non-bleached paper products, stevia natural sweetener instead of chemical sweeteners, michigan-grown/made jams, non-gmo michigan oilS, natural sodas, no high fructose corn syrup in the building, all flours are non-gmo organic and michigan grown and milled, dishwashing by hand to save on water and dependency on expensive technology, kombucha, support local food co-ops, network with local services to keep money invested in the local economy (payroll, cleaning supplies, paper products, beverages, printing, banking, t-shirts, and more!), leftover bacon grease used to make soap, alternative prep system aiming at zero waste, Non-bleach paper towels, experimenting with food preservation, we make our own sauerkraut from cabbage and salt, local raw honey, michigan maple syrup, herbs and spices are sourced from the excellent mt. Rose herbs, purchase from united natural foods inc. Organic chicken and eggs, free range grass-fed local Pork, made from scratch everything, whole foods cooking, alternative proteins to help reduce meat consumption (tempeh), alternative management structure built around participatory leadership, compost food scraps, support excellent compassionate organizations in flint and around the globe by promoting and donating each tuesday, use re-usable containers wherever possible instead of disposable and coordinate with suppliers to return and reuse their containers (glass bottles, food-storage, jam, honey), haul our glass away to be recycled, buy and store in bulk to eliminate container waste (grains, beans, spices, etc.), compostable to-go everything!