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Who we are...

The Flint Crepe Company has been serving crepes and coffee to the Flint community since 2008. We started with a mobile crepe cart that showed up regularly at the Flint Farmer's Market and traveled around town. In late Fall of 2011, we opened our current storefront on S. Saginaw St. We specialize in delicious and interesting crepes and in providing a traditional Italian-style coffee menu.

´╗┐What's a crepe?

The easiest way to describe a crepe is as a thin large pancake... only without the sugar. Anything can go on a crepe... just like a tortilla. You can fill it with things like fresh fruit, sauces, chocolate, or savory toppings you'd in a meal such as cheese, potatoes, meats, or vegetables. So, it's neither a pancake or tortilla... it's, well... a crepe!

Our recipes will...

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