Savory and Sweet Crepes


Egg and Cheese — $6.50

A scrambled, local free-range egg, and both shredded mild cheddar and amish creamy white cheddar. We recommend also adding meat or veggies for $1-3, just ask!

Monte Cristo — $10.50

One of our customer favorites! An egg & cheese crepe w/ ham, vermont cheddar cheese, baby swiss, and MI strawberry or raspberry jam on top… powdered sugar garnish

The Pinto — $5

Our never-ending quest to find the most delicious and filling, healthy, inexpensive quick meal in Flint has led us here! Many of us here eat this daily. Organic, Michigan refried beans, cheddar cheese, shredded cabbage, whipped cream cheese, and a touch of barbecue sauce makes for a perfect tortilla-crepe crossover!

The Reuben — $10

Our best seller! A Reuben for people who don’t like Reubens (You’ve never had a one like this). Detroit corned beef (or grilled tempeh) cooked with absolutely delicious and unique sauerkraut made from fresh cabbage in-house). Topped with baby swiss cheese, a touch of soy sauce and our homemade thousand island dressing.

RUBY ROOT … 8.00

Michigan root vegetables mixed with a hearty herb blend, cheddar

add chicken 3.00 or bacon 2.00


housemade turmeric sauerkraut, hummus, greens, feta, garlic tahini yogurt

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Cinnamon and Sugar — $4

cinnamon, crunchy sugar, butter

Moka a la Mode — $7

chocolate hazelnut, ground espresso beans, scoop of ice cream, cacao syrup

Knickerbocker — $7

crumbled graham cracker, strawberry jam, cheesecake sauce

Peanut Butter and Chocolate — $5

peanut butter & chocolate chips

Raspberry Danish — $8

raspberry jam, cheesecake sauce, sharp cheddar, cinnamon sugar


chocolate chips, blackberry jam, toasted coconut chips, sea salt